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Best Places to Pay for Essays Online?

So how many times you have been bullied by someone for doing their essay, term or research papers or you bullied someone for doing your essay? No more bullying days. No need to blackmail someone or take advantage of the sweet kid for getting your essays written. You can now simply pay to write essay to someone, which by the way is totally legal, and get a good grade on your research papers home works.


Some people are not good at expressing their emotions out on the paper although they might be extraordinary in the mind. So why not ask someone else to paint the picture for you, with your ideas of course, in case you need a paper to be written for you.
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Can i pay someone to write my paper?

It might sound a little wrong for paying someone to write your term paper but what can we say? You are buying someone’s services for your own advantage just like the way employers are hired at an office. That does not sound so wrong.

Does it?

Rather than bludgeoning someone to get your work done, you can simply pay through the following esteemed websites where people have been working to benefit your grades and also make some money for their expenses while sitting at home. That could be storming for your grades. It could even cause a tornadoes sometimes. I mean essay tornado, of course. review

"I need to write my paper"! The majority of us are either busy with school, at college or university completing some or other degree. We all recognize how stressful it can be if you are, still at school all the projects and essays that we need to write. Just to be able to obtain a degree in finding work for ourselves.

Last week I was faced with this problem all stressed up, as had two projects to complete and an essay to write for my business subject. With no time on hands and stressing, what was even worse is that the essay is about becoming a winning leader. A close friend at school advised, that I should use an online academic paper service to assist me with my work or it would be very late nights for me.

I guess this is a lifesaver.

After discussing with parents, went to sit down and started looking at different writing services available online, and came across, and decided to see if they would be able to assist with the problem on hand.

First impression is an extremely straightforward service to use and quite interesting. There official site is easy to use and follow. The first feature noted was that they do academic papers for $7,50 per page that sounds reasonable.

Quite reasonable.

They advise on the site that you can check the writer’s portfolios before hiring them and that it is safe to pay through PayPal. Placing of your order is free and it does not cost you a cent, so decided to seize up this offer knowing that it will cost zero and had nothing to lose.

Utilizing the information set out on the home page, completed the piece on what paper needed, added my email and pressed continue. After completion they logged me into the system where I had completed the request on the essay required, requesting a two-page essay with a delivery time of seven days.

Writers are fighting for your order

Next, they forwarded me to a bidding page where a variety of writers proposed their fees and the majority of them advised on a $24 charge. Here the bidding is on a fixed rate and you could immediately see if the writer has an excellent rating or new to the writing service to ensure that, you have a wide choice when choosing a writer.

Lets take a look.

Taking a closer look at the writer’s profiles and decided on which one I would be working with. Corresponding with them via the chat application available was easy and in no time everything had been, sorted regarding the paper.

The writer had been helpful keeping me up to date and received excellent service from them where communication is concerned. Before the seven days had been over, the completed essay, with plagiarism checked sent and handed in.

What does offer?

With using, they present great results providing people the opportunity to decide whom they would like to work with when doing order placing of your paper.

They have countless qualified writers rated according to the work they supply to their customers making the choice easier for individuals when needing to decide whom should be writing my essay.
Or doing my paper.
The wide variety of services include 17 different types of writing assistance that include some of the following; essay writing any type, article reviews, creative writing, research papers, thesis and other depending on what writing services is required.

Placing an order is easy; place order advice what you need, select the writer and pay. As soon as payment has been, done discuss the details required and they complete the work and send it to you. Revise the work and request revisions if needed. Once happy with the work you release the payment.

Edusson features and benefits

  • The website is user friendly and designed well saving you loads of time.
  • Each writer bidding on your work has a rating scale of 1 to 4 regarding feedback from customers who have used their services. Therefore, it makes your decision easier when choosing.
  • Writers bidding for your work provides you with a variety of costs making the services affordable.
  • They do not only provide writing services to their clients, you can also apply to become a writer with them to work.
  • Only release payment once you are satisfied with the work received.
  • You can observe customer feedback on the home page providing you with ease of mind when using them.

Conclusion provided terrific assistance and a friendly writer to work with. The bidding service works great as it provided great results, when handing in the paper receiving great marks. The order placing is simple and quick saving you loads of time and to the point. This essay writing service provider comes highly recommended by users who have benefited from their service. I am exceptionally pleased with the result and recommend them to all who are in need of an essay writing service.

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The Review of

Do your lecturers or teachers love to give assignments over the week end? Do you have little time to finish your writing? Well, I do, and it gave me such a trouble since I didn’t get enough time to finish what I had written for my project.

My assignment was to write a 4-page creative writing about Indonesia’s medicinal herbs in 4 days. I had written the first half page, and then used EduBirdie service to finish my work. Below is my personal experience in using their services.

When you go to an essay writing service, you’ll find an informative website with its professional appearance, dominated in blue color. The information in this web is written briefly. They accept essay, article, review, case study, course work, speech, proposal, and many other types of writing.


The price starts from $16 per page essay depending on your time frame, topic, and page number. The innovative thing about EduBirdie is that they have bidding system, and you can ask questions to the professional writers before hiring them. After putting your request, it will goes into their writers’ database, and you will receive bids from them.

I received 6 bids in 3 minutes after I submitted my requirements. I did have a small talk with them to learn more about their background, understanding, and knowledge. By asking initial questions, I can understand their ways of thinking better, which helps me in deciding the right writer for my writing.

Edubirdie wrote my paper

 Customer support teams always stand by 24 hours for live chat. If you’re stumbled upon a difficulty or trouble, they will assist you. I have a habit to ask questions about the service to the live support team before hiring someone. Their team is always ready and eager to answer them friendly.
Database of writers is accompanied with each writer’s completed works and reviews. Both clients and writers can give ratings and testimonials, so it is fair for both parties to tell about their experiences in using EduBirdie service.

 This essay company has quite different innovative features – bidding system and chat with writers. You can keep reading to learn more about my evaluation about EduBirdie.
essay writers from Edubirdie


Paramount quality with originality. I always doubt that any essay service will provide me with 100% original paper. But, EduBirdie is different. When, I checked the writing with various scanning tools, it was 100% unique – there was no plagiarism found. It was very relieving and satisfying for me.


They did a great job to finish my writing on time. It was not an easy topic, but I still received an original essay. You can always control the progress to ensure that your writing will be delivered punctually.


During the 4 days, I talked several times to the writer. Mostly, she asked some questions and opinions about what to write next. She replied quite fast, so I didn’t encounter any trouble in controlling my project progress.

So far, EduBirdie services are pretty great and dependable. They are low cost and of high quality.

Overall Scores (5/5)
•    Quality (5/5)
•    Speed (5/5)
•    Pricing (5/5)
•    Customer support (5/5)
•    Communication (5/5)
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Simple and Clear Review of

I’m an experienced “essay buyer” and am proud of it – getting extra help from professional services doesn’t make me a bad student. It makes me a smart and adventurous student. Isn’t this what school should teach you – to find the most acceptable solution for every situation?

Anyway, even having been ordering custom papers for some time now, I stumbled upon a need to look for a new service last month. I needed a pretty simple paper on French idioms and slang, but I couldn’t find the writer for it! I knew at least three good writers who were amazing English speakers (usually this is the most important criteria for students), but no French natives, unfortunately

How EssayVikings Handled My Challenge

I found reviews in search engines and couldn’t believe my eyes – one of the reviews was written in French! So I knew that was a place for me to be.

I examined the website – it’s stylish, a little comic and not at all serious like you would imagine an educational provider. What I mean is that having seen many “wise owls in glasses” and smart PhD faces I was a little surprised to see this.

The funny thing is that even the customer support representative was surprised when I asked what languages they write in. At first the guy tried to convince me that all their writers are real English speakers, but once he understood what I meant, he suggested to place an order and said that only people who correspond to every requirement in it would be eligible to bid on it.

Placing an Order and Prices

The process of making an order is pretty much similar with the services I used before: 1. Choose the type of writing you need 2. Write your email 3. On the next page fill in the details of your order 4. Review offers for your paper 5. Choose the writer and deposit the money for the paper The prices were quite moderate, even cheaper than at the services I used before – maybe because the paper wasn’t in a very sophisticated topic. I even tried to play with the order specifications and found out that when you choose the writer level (School, University or Doctor), it directly affects the range of writers and the prices they ask for.

Dear French Writer, Where Are You?

I have to mention it in this review just to be fair – the first French speaking writer showed up within an hour after placing my order. But my challenge was that I needed both: somebody fluent in English and French at the same time. Because I was convinced that only a native speaker can compare slang expressions and idioms.

What upset me a little is that I didn’t find a way to browse ALL the database of their writers – I could see only:

1) Top writers on their main website page
2) A dozen of writers who applied for my order

My curious mind wanted to see who else was out there and maybe convince someone who didn’t bid on my project to write for me. But I didn’t find access to see all thee existing writers. Please comment in this review for if you know where to look for it, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Finally after a day of talking to writers (who don’t reply that quickly, I must say), I found the one who sounded competent and confined in him with my paper.

Did EssayVikings satisfy my expectations?

My paper was only 2 pages, but I didn’t want to pay extra for the urgency and set a deadline for it in a week. Can you imagine what was my surprise when 3 days later I received in my mailbox a notification to review the paper? At first I thought that this was just an outline – but no, it was a full paper, formatted and cited.

The paper was quite good, but of course having 4 extra days before the deadline and benefitting from the fact that I haven’t released the money to the writer yet, I asked to change some expressions in the text. I found them pretty basic and wanted the writer to substitute them with more rare ones. I understood that the writer didn’t necessary have to do it – the paper was written according to all my demands and there was nothing “essential” to correct. But the writer accepted my whim and did everything as instructed.

Overall I think writing is good. What is even better is their customer support – they try to find approach to every “non-standard” order and I felt that they value me as a customer.

Oh, yeah, something you all came here for – was there plagiarism in my Essay Vikings essay? No, there wasn’t. Otherwise I wouldn’t have taken my sweet time to even write this review.

Visit Site Review

I decided to write this review to share the tips and tricks my college friend once shared with me. It has helped me get through school a lot and I hope you find it useful.

Every student knows that the word “essay” or “written assignment” means a lot of work, very little sleep and a loss of about 1000 neurons. This is precisely my case: I couldn’t manage my school and social life. There was simply enough time in a day to eat, write, and maybe sleep a little to keep my body functioning.

When the choice “Party VS Paper” is not an option anymore 

One day at a school fair I realized that my friend, who shares most of the classes with me, managed to live a much more fun and active life than me. So after discussing another great party (which I of course missed!) I asked him what speed writing tips he was using. To my surprise he referred me to Same Day Papers website. With a bit of skepticism but a lot of hope I checked it out.

First impression with the website: I find it very stylish and “youngish” in design. It’s definitely something I can relate to. I also like the functionality of it: minimum information, smiley faces, happy reviews… It’s like a perfect little universe. Let’s see now how it turned out.

The paper I had to write at that time was related to some legal aspects of homeless in urban civilizations. It was 8 pages and due in a week. For me the task seemed impossible, so I had no choice but to make an order and outsource it.

Same Day Papers Features Assessment 

I have to say that I liked the way Same Day Papers advertise their services on their website, so I hoped my writer will be equally good. Here is what they think their main advantages are:

And here’s what I think about these features and some other ones:


I liked to have the possibility to check the price of my paper instantly on the website. I think for every student the price of the paper is a big factor while making a decision to suffer over it themselves or let the others do their job. In my case the price was more than the advertised $7.5 per page, but still acceptable for this kind of project.

Order Process

Everything here is made so that you don’t think or doubt. The process of signing up and ordering is so fast and simple:

- Put your email
- Write the topic of your paper
- Click continue
- Choose a couple of drop-down menus
- And voila – your order is online and kicking!

For the most responsible students there is of course an option to put detailed description of your assignment and even attach files. The password is created automatically and you don’t need to wait for the confirmation email to arrive.

Customer Support

With my order I didn’t have much to do with the customer support. They sent me important notifications on time and in big quantities (no way to forget about your deadline or need to review the paper). Most of my communication was through the writer and their system automatic emails.

But what I liked is that when you surf the website no annoying window popped up trying to create the impression of their presence. These windows usually appear at a wrong time and in a wrong place and only distract me.

Quality of Paper

Finally I received my paper. First of all I have to say that I already talked to the writer and we approved an outline of the paper, so I knew what to expect to see there. It was a not bad paper: to the point, with examples, critical thoughts in the introduction and conclusion, nice writing (clearly the writer was native speaker with some higher educational background).

What I wished was better is the cited sources: their choice was kind of weak, as to me. This is something I will keep in mind next time and suggest you do too: discuss with the writer not only main ideas and structure of the paper, but also the references and sources.


One important thing my friend taught me is once you decide to go mad and buy papers from essay writing services, make sure to subscribe for some good plagiarism check tools. There are many free resources, but the paid ones are the most thorough ones and they are worth their money.
My paper passed Copyscape Premium so I wasn’t worried to submit it to my teacher.

Did Essay Pass the Test?

Overall I think this service is worth a try. I don’t have any reasons to call scam, and I knew well before sending my paper that there was no plagiarism in my work (I strongly suggest that you always check your paper before sending it). So I will add one more good review here. Maybe one day I will look for another service for a change, but for now I’m satisfied with the quality of writing.

Visit Site is Site for Pop, Who is Used to be on Top! Review

Hi! I'm Caroline, and I’m cheerleader in the support group. I always wanted to build a successful career as a lawyer to help my not very rich family. I graduated from school and dreamed to get a scholarship for college. But ... my knowledge was not enough. I did not get a scholarship and I thought that all my hopes and dreams destroyed. And then, quite by accident, I discovered that it is possible to receive an athletic scholarship for cheerleading.

I could not miss this chance! Since my childhood I was engaged in dances and gymnastics - so I easily passed the selection and became part of the team. Yeah, I get a scholarship, but the study has become a living hell. The college students practically have no free time, and now imagine that minimum three hours a day I have to spend on training.

I ignored some homework, was late for lessons and had forgotten what a night's sleep is. And naturally, it began to reflect on my academic performance.

And it was fraught with deprivation of scholarships and exclusion from the support team, and possibly from college. Save the situation could the highest score on jurisprudence. I was asked to write an essay assignment on the topic "Nomocracy as a result of the ordering of social relations."

And here is

I wanted to write this essay by myself, honestly! But we were await for competition on cheerleading, and all week we trained for 5-7 hours a day. I just did not have time to do homework, but to give up the competition and disappoint my team, also wasn't an option. And I decided on something that had never done before – order task from professionals.
I needed a really high-quality work, without plagiarism, interesting, thought-out and based on law. And I wanted to be sure that essay would fit my needs and my knowledge so that professor did not suspect anything. And here I find a site, which guarantees high quality, no plagiarism, informative work, and full compliance with my request. As an aspiring lawyer, I noted the guarantees which offered site, that also influenced on my choice of this company.

I really liked the design of the site. Especially paper airplanes. This little bit childish and naive website inspires reliance.
The site seemed quite trustworthy, it was noticeable that it was worked out by a lot of professionals.
It is easy to navigate, there is no unnecessary information - just a form of order and some of the advantages of the company like:
-    qualified, professional writers for writing projects;
-    plagiarism free works;
-    the confidentiality of personal information;
-    safest and most trusted online payment platform;
-    execution of works of any complexity;
-    close deadlines;
-    round the clock online support;
-    personal correspondence with the writer.
It was short instruction about using site so I did like it was written.

Convincingly enough, as for me. In order not to waste precious time, I quickly registered on the website, wrote essay topic, choose a subject, number of pages of resources, indicate the level of professionalism of the author and deadlines.

Moment later, I was redirected to the payment page. I think that the topic of my essay is quite complicated, but professionals rated it only 84 dollars. I think nowadays absolutely every student can pay this price.

I checked the top authors and read some reviews of previous customers and was pleased. These authors has a really high rating.

And the customers looks satisfied with the results of writers work.

As I can see, although this site is quite new – it already have enough clients among students from the whole USA. Each author has a sufficient rating that gives us opportunity to evaluate the level of his professionalism.

Stunning results

I was waiting for my essay, and was very nervous. Besides the competition, I constantly worried about the scholarship, the quality of the work, about professor, who will check it.
The days passed, and by the appointed time I got my essay. At first, I was afraid to open it! I was expecting the worst, but ... the work was neat, nicely formatted, containing the specified number of sources and citations. It was easy and interesting to read.
My professor also liked the work, and fortunately, he did not ask me if someone helped me to write it. I got the highest mark, save scholarship and my place in team and, by the way, we won the competition!
And for those who still hesitate, Paperial has good advice I certainly will follow!

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